Art Sport

Une parfaite synergie entre art et sport

During a year, I focused on the needs of athletes. What did they need to do sport and which specific qualities were they seeking in practical and useful sportswear?

Considering this, I launched my first Whitefit collection. The feedback was particularly positive. This allowed me to understand that I wanted to create a sports brand which could blend the passion for sport, fashion, and art. A brand useful enough, and also connected to technicity and design. To carry on, I did a Master’s Degree in Enterprise and Innovation. Thanks to my knowledge and to the philosophy of the brand I dreamt of, I created the type of enterprise, and thus I could start the creation of WHITEFIT.

In order to create a brand that would make the difference, I decided to associate fashion and art. My father, my first partner, makes very concrete water colour illustrations on request.

Each illustration starts with a concept. Each design corresponds to a collection based on a theme. It is reflected in the water colour pattern and enhanced on the material.

Then the patterns are applied on the template, while inserting them on smooth materials. This way we get a personal and unique style for each design. Such a process makes an exceptional quality product leaving the material and the pattern intact after washing.

WHITEFIT does not focus on temporary collections but rather on capsule collections, that is to say small collections (15 units per design) with a theme and a series of designs. This way the previous collection is never out of fashion.