About Us

WHITEFIT is a fashion sports and athleisure brand that uses art as a focus of design.

Our mission is to make women feel powerful and attractive by wearing fashion athleisure.

At Whitefit we promote healthy and active living through technical and functional fabrics that allow you to feel comfortable in your everyday. Athleisure designed to be with you on your busiest days and that will make you feel attractive and self-confident.

We think clothing plays a crucial role in self-confidence, which is why our goal is you to feel confident while wearing Whitefit.

"Today women need much more than a style. We need to feel comfortable, to be able to move freely, but without neglecting fashion."

Marta Marsà CEO and Founder at Whitefit

Whitefit is designed to be worn both as an athleisure and when it comes to sports. We do not limit ourselves to sportswear, but we want to go much further. Creating a casual and elegant style, of maximum technicality and functionality using drawings made in watercolor as a differentiation.

Marta Marsà CEO and Founder at Whitefit

Empowering you with the art of Athleisuring