As a design company, innovation and trends are the core inspiration of our work.

Before designing any garment, a detailed study is carried out with several professional athletes to know about their needs regarding the garments’ practical and hi tech details likely to maximize their comfort.

Research is never-ending: we care for pattern, shape, and graphic design, the latter being part of a theme-based collection as reflected by the watercolor illustrations on each garment (5 to 10 illustrations per theme). Once the illustrations are done, they are applied to the patterns and interspersed smoothly giving each garment a unique style. All the fabrics used in the company are white hence the name WHITEFIT. Each item is personalized and processed with great care.

Elastic fabrics of different grammage and properties are used as they allow the skin to sweat and expel it.

Comfort is one of the most important things taken into account. Therefore we pay close attention to the cuts and to the two-pocket waistband below the navel: a 12-cm wide and 15-cm long one at the front and a zipped one at the back. The short leggings are long enough not to pull up while exercising. Moreover all the seams are flat so that there is no skin friction. Some details are specified in each garment solving some problems the athletes tend to encounter.