Presentation and Whitefit's creation

Hi, my name is Marta and I am a fashion designer. I am from Andorra, a small county in the middle of the Pyrenees. I grew up in the high mountains and I became a sport and nature lover. 

At a very early age, I developed a fascination for sports and fashion. I always felt the need to look pretty when dressing with a stylish outfit, and most importantly comfortable while exercising. As a young girl, I would put an extra touch of creativity while dressing up.

After dedicating a year to research with different athletes, I created my first sportswear collection. The feedback of the collection was really positive so I decided that the next step to fulfill my dream of creating a sportswear brand would be to go on studying a Master in Entrepreneurship & Innovation to offer the best experience to WHITEFIT lovers. 

How many people feel the need to have a stylish and comfortable outfit? 

WHITEFIT practical, hi tech sportswear fashion is for people who want to look trendy, different and who care about their image.  We want its user to look beautiful, unique and confident.