Construction / Fabric

The entire production process is carried out in Catalonia, Spain, from fabric purchase to garment labeling. The fabrics are initially all white and can stand more than 240°C. For this reason the stamp-heating technique can be applied to the different designs.

Stamp-heating is the process of transferring an image into a fabric, it is called sublimation. The motif to be transferred is printed on a special paper. Thanks to thermal ironing heat, the evaporated ink permeates the textile’s fiber and once the surface has cooled down, the ink is trapped into the fabric. Stamp-heating allows long-lasting color and high-definition printing. Moreover most of the garment’s seams are reinforced with a machine and flattened which avoids skin irritation. They are also more resistant and elasticity is not affected.

The garments are made in the region of Catalonia by local manufacturers that have great knowledge in the sportswear sector. All the companies working with WHITEFIT are family businesses that pay much attention to details and quality to offer the best result.