The Art of Athleisuring

WHITEFIT sees fashion as an artistic expression. As a mirror to reflect personality, style, confidence and elegance.

The Art of Athleisuring

We design from watercolor illustrations. We look for textures, colors, brushstroke repetitions. Art is the essence of WHITEFIT.

Each illustration starts with a concept. Each design corresponds to a collection based on a theme. It is reflected in the water colour pattern and enhanced on the material. Then the patterns are applied on the template, while inserting them on smooth materials.

This way we get a personal and unique style for each design. Such a process makes an exceptional quality product leaving the material and the pattern intact after washing.

A Blank Canvas

Whitefit's nomenclature is closely related to artistic expression. We consider each piece to be an artwork. The creative process begins with a series of completely white fabrics where through design, art and sublimation they end up forming a sporty, functional, high quality fashion piece that transmits a unique and differentiating style.

WHITEFIT does not focus on temporary collections but rather on capsule collections, that is to say small collections (15 units per design) with a theme and a series of designs. This way the previous collection is never out of fashion.

The Art of Athleisuring

Empowering you with the art of Athleisuring